Art Education

Stoa has a diverse art education programme for children and young people of all ages. Cooperation with day-care centres and schools forms a significant part of the Stoa art education programme. We also organise art-oriented courses for children and young people during school holidays. Parents staying at home with young children can also find exciting activities in our programme for children aged 0–6.

Adults can participate in open workshops and art projects such as the workshops of Stoa Gallery exhibitions, preparation of collaborative art works and urban farming. You can learn more about the upcoming workshops and art projects on Facebook.

With regard to our programme aimed at schools, we are in direct contact with the cultural coordinators (lower grades) and cultural contact teachers (upper grades, upper secondary schools and vocational institutions). They pass on the information in their own schools. We keep in touch with the day-care centres in the eastern and south-eastern districts via email. If your day-care centre is not receiving our messages, please give us your contact details.

Cultural Producer Hanna Westerholm is responsible for the art education and contacts with schools, or + 358 (0)9 310 88404. 

We welcome any wishes and ideas regarding the cooperation!

Circus for the brave!
Stoa’s circus courses for seniors 


Course I Wed 9.9 - 7.10 (5x) 
Course II Wed 21.10 - 18.11 (5x) 


Circus skills are excellent to increase longevity and boost the quality of life by addressing needs specific to aging including balance and flexibility, memory and processing, pain management, and social connection. It is not necessary for any condition or shape just the aim for fun and learning new skills, light to moderate stretching and range of motion activities to improve and maintain bi-manual coordination, balance, and postural control. Activities can be performed standing or sitting. 

Age recommendation: for senior citizens 

Duration: 45 min 

Free entry


Day-care centres

We email information to day-care centres about the seasonal Skidikino sessions, storytelling sessions, gallery workshops and performances.

Grades 1–6

We email information to schools regarding the seasonal Alakoulukino cinema events, gallery workshops and performances. Through the cultural coordinators, we invite one class at the time to attend the 5x2 education.

Grades 7–9 and upper secondary education

The classes will be informed about the season's Yläkoulukino sessions, cultural courses, gallery workshops and other programmes through each school's cultural contact teacher.

Open activities for children aged 0–6

You can see the upcoming events in the Stoa events calendar.

Leisure-time courses

Stoa offers artistic leisure-time course for children and young people during the school holidays. We will publish information about the winter courses on this website in January, and information about the summer courses in April.