Grades 7–9 and upper secondary education

The classes will be informed about the season's Yläkoulukino sessions, cultural courses, gallery workshops and other programmes through each school's cultural contact teacher.

More information
Cultural Producer Hanna Westerholm, 09 310 88404, 050 4649536​​​​​​​

Cultural Producer Maaria Klemetti 24.8.-31.1.2021

Cultural courses
Cultural courses consist of workshops, meeting s with experts, and art events, and implement the idea of phenomenon-based learning and approach topical themes across subject divisions. For schools, the courses are free of charge and integrable. 

Yläkoulukino shows topical films suitable for the young audience. Free of charge.

Gallery workshops
​​​​​​​Changing exhibitions held at Vuosaari House offer gallery workshops for school classes and student groups, enabling them to work under the theme of the exhibition. Target groups and contents change each season, and the schools will be informed through the cultural contact teachers. The workshops are free of charge.

Sanapaja/Wordshop – workshops for young writers

21.1.-20.5. (except for 13.5.) at 17.00–19.00

The Wordshop groups are dedicated for young people who have grown up among many languages. Anyone is welcome to join the groups, you need no experience about writing and there are no specific age limits. If you feel like it, you can join the workshops every week, or every now and then.

In the groups we talk in Finnish and English, but you can write in whatever language you please. It would be preferable, if the participants had at least the basics skills in Finnish or English. You don’t need to sign in beforehand.

The workshops in Stoa are led by Juho Kuusi.

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