Stoa is fully accessible

  • Access to indoors and outdoors is easy, and passageways are even.

  • There are two disabled parking spaces in the car park next to the Puotinharjun Puhos shopping centre

  • Disabled entrance to Stoa is at the main entrance and the entrance from the Puotinharjun Puhos and the car park

  • The disabled toilet is next to the Adult Education Centre door

  • The box office is accessible

  • There are spaces for wheelchairs in the auditorium. If you are coming to Stoa with a wheelchair, please mention this when buying your ticket and contact the Stoa doormen in advance. Admission is free to a wheelchair customer's assistant.

  • The theatre and music halls are equipped with induction loops

  • The electrical outlets in the auditorium are earthed

  • The facilities are clearly signposted

For further information, please contact
​​​​​​​the Stoa doormen
Tel. + 358 (0)40 160 3755