Theatre Hall

The Theatre Hall in Stoa seats 231 and is called the ”black box”. The hall is adaptable and equipped with suitable technology. The auditorium is retractable and has ascending rows of seats. The Theatre Hall is particularly suitable for dance, circus and theatre performances, but is also works well as a venue for electronically amplified concerts. It is not the best space for acoustic concerts. The Theatre Hall is equipped with up-to-date sound and lighting technology of professional standard, as well as diverse stage equipment. In the hall, you can display films in DVD and BlueRay formats and using the Qlab4 software.

The rental charge includes the services of the theatre technical staff.

Stage size:
Depth 12 m
Width 16 m
Maximum size of the stage 13.95 m x 19.6 m

Grand piano: Steinway & Sons C-227
Piano: Yamaha U3

Rent the Theater Hall


  1. Cultural and art events: € 100 / hour
  2. Celebrations and meetings: € 175 / hour
  3. Other events: € 250 / hour
  4. Training and building: € 40 / hour
  5. Use for professional dance training and basic art education: € 10 / hour (excludes the services of theatre technical staff)
  6. Grand piano: € 150 / instance of use (includes tuning)
  7. Piano: € 80 / instance of use (includes tuning)

The prices include value added tax (24%). The prices listed are valid until further notice.

For reservations and further information, please contact
Cultural Producer Sara Hirn
Tel. + 358 (0)9 310 88408, + 358 (0)50 382 8151