Open activities for children aged 0–6

Children aged 0–6 and their families are welcome to attend the Stoa Storytelling Sessions, Poetry Immersions and Art Clinic. You can see the upcoming events in the Stoa events calendar. Search using the name of the series of events. The Storytelling Sessions are free of charge. There may be an admission fee for children's concerts and theatre performances.

Satutuokio – Journey into the wonderful world of stories

The world is full of delicious, wild, and strange stories! Our storytime tour guide will take listeners on surprising adventures. Each time, a unique story is told, with the children able to influence its course. The story is created from words, action, gestures, facial expressions, and music.

Popular 30-minute storytelling sessions aimed at children under 7. During the storytelling sessions, actor Jussi Ollila takes the listeners on funny and wild adventures built on children's own ideas. The Storytelling sessions are held in Itäkeskus Library.

In Finnish. Mandatory advance registrations for groups starting from 12 January at 10.00 am:​​​​​​​

Magical circus! Stoa’s circus courses for babies, toddlers and families   

SECTION 1 wed 25.8., 1.9. and 8.9.

SECTION 2 wed 1.12., 8.12. and 15.12. 

Group 1 (0-2 years) : 9:00-9:45  
Group 2 (3-4 years): 10:15-11:00  

The circus has awoken curiosity and joy for families during ages, now its time to have fun with your little wobbler or toddler throughout the magic of baby circus a workshop where you will play games and explore various circus skills including acrobatics, juggling, balancing among others in a safe yet stimulating environment. It will be a complete sensory experience for your baby, encouraging creativity, laterality, developing spatial awareness and building on essential skills like balance, strength, coordination and more. Parents will get a chance to do some gentle stretches, have a go at some circus skills, socialize with other babies and parents and of course bond with your own little one.  

Instructor: Jordy Valderrama 

 Language: English, Spanish and Finnish   

Age recommendation: 0–2 and 3–4 years old with a parent or grandparent 

 Entrance free, pre-regisration: