The Stoa square is yours!

The Stoa square is yours!

The Stoa square, located next to the Stoa Cultural Centre, is a venue open to everyone for meetings, play, events and spending time together. The square can be used as a venue for events both small and large any day of the year.
The stage at the square is ideal for small-scale performances, while the art wall is perfect for showcasing artworks or handicrafts, or organising participatory art projects, for example. Or how about setting up a marketplace for perennial plants or a toy flea market? The only limit is your imagination!

Organise an event or showcase

Organise an event or showcase your skills by reserving a place and time for your programme via Stoa's Cultural Producer Tiina Tenkanen:

All events organised at the square must provide free entry and be open to everyone. The Stoa square is a discrimination-free area.

You can also come to the square just to relax, play or enjoy a picnic. There is a barbecue point in the area that visitors are free to use.