Aya Brace & Uwa Iduozee:


The photograph exhibition presents two views of the current crisis: Aya Brace photographed life in Eastern Helsinki, while Uwa Iduozee photographed life in New York.

Week by week, these artists studied their environment. A photo from both of them is published every Wednesday on the virtual Stoa Gallery and on Stoa’s Facebook and Instagram. The exhibition grew until June 2020, depicting real-time flashes of two different cities on two different continents.


Aya Brace (born 1991) is a Finnish–Ghanaian photographer. She graduated from the Fashion Photography Programme of London College of Fashion. Aya works on her art and commissions in Helsinki. In her work, she studies the relationship between fashion photography and humanity, as well as the unique power of photography in the visualisation of modern changes and beauty.

Uwa Iduozee (born 1987) is a photographer, videographer and documentarist working in both Helsinki and New York. Iduozee’s projects focus on ordinary life and personal and intimate stories. Through them, he aims to create new perspectives on the formation of identity and social acceptance, and to introduce audiences to realities that have been unknown to them before. African-Finnish identities and the history of black identity in modern Finland are repeating themes in Iduozee’s works. His photos and documentaries have been widely displayed in magazines, television, online publications and exhibitions both in Finland and abroad.