Fr – For real

The coronavirus pandemic through the lenses of young people

Cultural Centre Stoa assembled a group of 13–17-year-olds to photograph moments in their daily lives and invited photography artist Nora Sayyad to curate an online exhibition consisting of the young people’s photographs.

Click here to visit the online exhibition Fr – For real (in Finnish)  

What does the coronavirus pandemic look like through the lenses of young people? What kinds of moments are saved on cameras or phones?

In February–March, five teenagers – Anniina, Cecilia, Lotta, Pihla and Rama – took photographs in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. At the same time, in Stockholm, Tilda participated in the project through the youth library Lava at Kulturhuset.

The photos and texts convey the full range of the teenagers’ feelings: from uncertainty to hopefulness, from confusion to simple joys and encounters.

Curator Nora Sayyad summarises the message of the exhibition: “It is a compilation of photos by young people from various backgrounds and showcases their everyday feelings and thoughts. The message is clear: shared thoughts about our time are shown through the eyes and worlds of young people. I hope the exhibition brings hope to its audience, since we are all experiencing a shared crisis, in a way. Only the means of overcoming it may be different. At their best, the photos leave a mark in history to remind us of 2021.”