Stoa is fully accessible

  • Access to indoors and outdoors is easy, and passageways are even.

  • There are two disabled parking spaces in the car park next to the Puotinharjun Puhos shopping centre

  • Disabled entrance to Stoa is at the main entrance and the entrance from the Puotinharjun Puhos and the car park

  • The disabled toilet is next to the Adult Education Centre door

  • The box office is accessible

  • There are spaces for wheelchairs in the auditorium. If you are coming to Stoa with a wheelchair, please mention this when buying your ticket and contact the Stoa doormen in advance. Admission is free to a wheelchair customer's assistant.

  • The theatre and music halls are equipped with induction loops

  • The electrical outlets in the auditorium are earthed

  • The facilities are clearly signposted                                                                                              
  • You can access the lobby balcony and the second floor of the gallery by using the lift in the lobby. Ask the building managers to open the door to the second floor of the gallery.

For further information, please contact
​​​​​​​the Stoa doormen
Tel. + 358 (0)40 160 3755