Light in the East

Actually, "Light in the East" is the way we at Stoa think and develop our activities. Our objective is to unite Eastern Helsinki and network with the residents, art institutions and other local actors. 

One of the forms of our activities is the eastern regional forum that we have been convening since the autumn of 2014. Stoa's role in the regional forum is that of a convener, agent and enabler. The regional forum meets regularly approximately twice every season to discuss issues with the local actors and residents. 

One interesting aspect for this year is the Idässä itää project. In summer 2016, Stoa will advocate a greener urban environment by creating a compass of plants in the area to reflect the status of Itäkeskus as the centre of Eastern Helsinki. Workshops, voluntary work sessions and discussions will be arranged on the topic. We will also present the local residents and other actors with a challenge to take concrete green action or do good deeds for a more comfortable local environment. The art and greenery project will be implemented by the artist couple Antti Annanpalo & Petra Martinez.

Oddities all over the place. The construction fence running along the edge of Stoa square got a makeover in May 2016.

Stoa and Cocreatives will be hosting a series of community projects in the spring and summer of 2016. A large textile graffiti will be created along the overpass that connects Stoa to the Itis Shopping Centre. The fencing around the construction site of the new Orthodox Church next door to Stoa will be decorated by local schoolchildren.


A textile graffiti work was created for the footbridge leading to Stoa during the Eastern village party on 21 May 2016.