This is how we ensure your safety

All events until May 23, 2021 are cancelled or rescheduled

All public events and other activities at Stoa are cancelled for the duration of the restrictions. The cancellation concerns all performances, concerts, events and other public events both indoors and outdoors. The Stoa lobby, gallery, café, Youth Services and Adult Education Centre are closed.

We will seek to reschedule cancelled events. Tickets bought for now-cancelled events may be used for any rescheduled events, but they may also be returned. Please see the Tickets page for more information.

Event-specific information will be updated on Stoa's online events calendar.

The house library is offering restricted services
The meeting areas and collection facilities of libraries are closed to the public, but libraries will keep restricted opening hours to offer essential services and allow for short visits. Check the opening hours and read more: 

Helsinki Adult Education Centre's courses are either cancelled or moved online. 

Leisure activities for children and young people are organized in a restricted capacity at Stoa

  • Between May 3 and May 16, 2021, leisure activities at City of Helsinki’s indoor and outdoor facilities may only be organised for children and young people born in 2001 or later.
  • Leisure activities for children and young people will only be started for those who have already signed up, no new activities will be started. Those who have signed up will be notified of the start of activities directly.
  • Guardians of children under the age of seven! You may bring and collect your child, if necessary, but you may not spend time on the premises. We require the use of a face mask.
  • Instructors and participants aged 12 and above must wear a face mask unless they cannot do so for health-related reasons.
  • The activities comply with the health security instructions on safe distances, hand hygiene and face mask usage as issued by authorities.

    ​​​​​​​Thank you for your cooperation!

Safety at Stoa's events

To ensure safety at our events, we have:

  • restricted the number of tickets sold to events held indoors
  • decided to only sell tickets online at
  • enhanced communications concerning safe behaviour in our premises
  • made hand sanitiser readily available
  • made sure that our premises and any surfaces are cleaned thoroughly
  • taken special care in cleaning the premises and the various surfaces in them.

We adhere to the regulations on face masks that have been imposed by the Government and the relevant authorities. We recommend persons over 12 years of age to wear a face mask on our premises and when attending our events. Safety distances are observed in all Stoa's spaces, and our staff can provide instructions on how to conduct yourself appropriately. Protective gloves can also be worn in events. Customers are responsible for obtaining any necessary masks and gloves, wearing them and covering their costs.

Please read these safety instructions carefully before attending events at Stoa

Please do not attend events if you are feeling unwell
If you have any symptoms of flu, i.e. a runny nose, cough, sore throat, headache or fever, please stay home.

Wash your hands
The best way to avoid contracting the coronavirus is to wash your hands, so please ensure good hand hygiene. Hand sanitiser and hand washing stations are available in our premises.

Keep safe distances
The virus is highly contagious in close contact. If there is a queue to our information desk or congestion in other areas, please wait for a moment and keep safe distances to other customers. Please sit at a safe distance from others during events.

Cough and sneeze properly
Cover your mouth and nose with a disposable tissue when you cough or sneeze. Put all used tissues in the rubbish bin immediately. If you do not have a tissue, use the top of your sleeve.

Wear a face mask
We recommend persons over 12 years of age to wear a face mask on our premises and when attending our events. 

Thank you for thinking of others! See you at Stoa!

We are constantly monitoring information issued by the authorities in relation to the coronavirus outbreak and will inform our customers of any changes to coronavirus guidelines without delay.