Leisure-time courses

Stoa offers artistic leisure-time course for children and young people during the school holidays.  The courses are free of charge. We will publish information about the winter courses on this website in January, and information about the summer courses in April.

More information
Cultural Producer Hanna Westerholm
hanna.westerholm@hel.fi, 09 310 88404, 050 4649536

Cultural Producer Maaria Klemetti 24.8.-31.1.2021

Magical circus! 
Stoa’s circus courses for babies, toddlers and families 

Course I Wed 9.9 - 7.10 (5x) 
Course II Wed 21.10 - 18.11 (5x) 

Group 1 9:00-9:45  
Group 2 10:15-11:00 

The circus has awoken curiosity and joy for families during ages, now its time to have fun with your little wobbler or toddler throughout the magic of baby circus a workshop where you will play games, sing songs and explore various circus skills including acrobatics, juggling, balancing among others in a safe yet stimulating environment. It will be a complete sensory experience for your baby, encouraging creativity, laterality, developing spatial awareness and building on essential skills like balance, strength, coordination and more. Parents will get a chance to do some gentle stretches, have a go at some circus skills, socialize with other babies and parents and of course bond with your own little one 

Instructor: circus instructor and performer Enrique Salas 

Age recommendation: 0–2 years old who has started to crawl or walk, with a parent or grandparent 

Duration: 45 min 

Language: English, Spanish and Finnish 

Entrance free

 Pre-regisration:hanna.westerholm@hel.fi maaria.klemetti@hel.fi

Colourful daily life workshops

Wed 10.2., Wed 10.3., Wed 14.4. and Wed 12.5.2021 at 11.30-13.30

Colourful daily life workshops bring the pleasure of making things by hand to your everyday life. In the workshops, the participants get to create beautiful works using easy-to-learn techniques.

10.2. Hanging basil, climbing cress DIY workshop

The participants will create beautiful and edible window decorations.

10.3. Easter egg painting workshop

Paint and decorate unique Easter eggs.

14.4. Geisha’s belt workshop

The participants will create colourful, patterned threads using the traditional, simple Japanese kumihimo technique.

12.5. Mushroom and celery fabric printing workshop

We will decorate a cloth bag with fabric printing inks, using special and surprising printing devices.

PLEACE NOTE! Place: St Matthew Church’s lobby/fireplace room (opposite of Stoa)

Free entrance.